After both Mike Cernovich and Eli Lake this week named former national security adviser Susan Rice among those “unmasking” U.S. citizens in the course of surveillance operations, a recent appearance she’d made on PBS NewsHour seemed to contradict her sudden knowledge of the practice.

As Ari Fleischer noted earlier Tuesday, Rice said two weeks ago in that PBS interview that she didn’t know anything about the unmasking. In short:

Apparently CNN was failing in its job of defending Rice, forcing PBS to step in Tuesday afternoon and offer the “full” Q&A — it seems people were distorting Rice’s answer because the question she’d been asked had been cut for time.

Well isn’t that convenient? It was all a mixup due to PBS editing down a question for time, and the full transcript shows that Rice didn’t know what reports Rep. Gavin Nunes was referring to.

The first problem here, and it will aways be a problem, is that this is Susan Rice speaking, so credibility equals zero.

Fox News’ Brit Hume notes also that the full transcript shows she was asked very broadly about the possibility that Donald Trump and people around him in his campaign were caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and their names disclosed. “Do you know anything about this?” is about as broad a question as can be asked.

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