Let’s go ahead and put our conservative credentials on the line here and now and say we agree fully with Chirlane McCray, first lady of New York City, on her addition of making sexually suggestive poses next to Wall Street’s new “Fearless Girl” statue to the list of things that are not funny, right beneath accusing a cancer patient of having “Nazi hair.”

To be honest, we’ll admit we didn’t see this one coming; all of Bill de Blasio’s super-progressive tweets about New York values must have seeped into our brains after all. It had to have been an out-of-towner, right, even though the photographer deemed the perpetrator a “Wall Street finance broseph.”

Both Inside Edition and New York Magazine picked up on the viral Facebook photo.

Worst of all? Someone from gun control group Moms Demand had reportedly appropriated the statue before it was violated, swapping out the pussy hat for one of its own.

Not to excuse finance broseph up there — but isn’t it just a little weird that someone appears to have laid a bouquet of roses at the statue’s feet?

As Twitchy mentioned, the media went crazy on (socialist-founded) International Women’s Day over the statue of the young girl defiantly staring down Wall Street’s famous bull, but just about nobody seemed to notice that “Fearless Girl” was essentially an ad placed by State Street Global Advisors — a really effective ad that earned a ton of free product placement on the news, but still an ad. The Financial Times got it:

… SSGA isn’t the worst company when it comes to female representation at a senior level, but neither is it anywhere close to the best. And we are not the first to point this out….

SSGA released a press release alongside their advertising campaign — and while the statue has received plaudits, it *is* an advertising campaign — organised by McCann of Mad Men fame. In the press release, SSGA offers guidelines to the companies in which it has a stake, encouraging them to improve gender diversity and address the gender bias in hiring and setting goals. If companies fail to live up to these standards, then SSGA stands ready to use its position as a large shareholder to push for policies that promote change.

SSGA will not, however, stop investing in these companies.

Again, it’s an ad, not a sacred object nor a mecca for womyn, so treat it like any other ad: buy what it’s selling or skip past it. In short, men really need to stop making lewd poses next to the statue, but it wouldn’t hurt if the news media would stop humping it too.