A lot of President Donald Trump’s critics — self-proclaimed comics especially —sure like to emulate him when going after him and other Republicans. Stage all the fainting spells you want over a decade-old clip from “Access Hollywood,” but the effect is lost pretty quickly when you “go high” like this, as Michelle Obama attempted to describe it.

As everyone knows, Sen. Ted Cruz and family recently had dinner at the White House, which triggered poor Keith Olbermann, who was shocked that Cruz would allow his children to be used as props for Dear Leader. So, the two have seemed to have moved on from the ugliness of the campaign, which is commendable.

We’re not going to defend the time candidate Donald Trump retweeted an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz, but TV personality Chelsea Handler doesn’t seem to think it’s wrong to drag spouses into it — can’t let the week end with Samantha Bee getting all the coverage, maybe.

Put some caution tape around Chelsea Handler’s Twitter feed STAT, because that is some sharp-edged humor.

That job is taken, thanks.

Handler and/or whichever staffers write her tweets will likely write off critics as a bunch of prudes with no sense of humor, but that’s not it. Like we’ve said before, progressives in the entertainment field have worked for decades to ensure no one is shocked by anything anymore, even at the expense of the “entertainment” part. So no, not much is shocking anymore, except for what now passes for comedy.

* * *