Not unexpectedly, the whole country went crazy over International Women’s Day Wednesday. Or, more precisely, the media went crazy over International Women’s Day and made it look like every woman in America had walked off the job and into the streets in protest.

A lot of that had to do with marketing, and ad agencies and marketing departments were busy trying to make sure their clients were well represented on a day that itself had been rebranded slightly to hide its socialist roots.

Adweek tracks these sorts of things and made special note of one agency that released an iPhone app that helps women track the number of times they’ve been “manterrupted” each day.

Dude, quit butting in. We’re writing a post here.

The app is real, it’s free, and it might be spectacular after an update or two — it’s currently boasting a two-and-a-half star rating. Its developer, BETC Sao Paulo, provided the following description:

Woman Interrupted App uses the smartphone to detect and help reduce Manterrupting — that is what we call when men interrupt women unnecessarily. This behaviour stops women from expressing their ideas at work, at home and in society as a whole.

Using the microphone on your device, the app detects whenever a male voice interrupts you (for female users) and whenever you interrupt a female voice (male users).

Here’s a video released to promote the app, with footage of the usual guilty parties (plus a nice cameo by legendary Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon).

* * *