Supporters of the president held pro-Trump rallies across the country Saturday, and of course, protesters were present at each and every one.

It takes a lot for an anti-Trump protester to stand out from the crowd, but there have been a select few who went the extra distance to earn that distinction, such as the “I’m a professor” screamer outside a Gavin McInnes speech, the “I want …” screamer arrested in Fort Lauderdale, and of course, the epic “No!” screamer caught on camera at the moment Donald Trump was sworn in. You know you want to see it again:

As over-the-top as that video seemed, that protester would need to up her game significantly to be heard over a woman who tried to hijack a pro-Trump rally in Lake Oswego, Ore.

Aw, a wall of love … that’s adorable — it’s a bit of a stretch calling them counter-protesters, though, seeing as the event they were protesting was a rally in support of the president, though it’s entirely possible the media in Portland literally can’t wrap their heads around that.

In any case, one brick in that wall of love worked its way loose.

It really is a must-watch.

Everyone behave, please; this is not cool in any context …

Those campus safe spaces are looking more and more tempting every day.