There’s been a lot of confused reporting about the #March4Trump rallies that took place across the country today. Primarily, reporters keep calling the people who came out in support of the president “protesters” — guess it’s been a while since they’ve covered something positive — and the protesters “counter-protesters.”

It doesn’t help, either, that the thugs wearing black hoodies and scarves over their faces and bullying people into silence call themselves “anti-fascists,” or antifa for short. And where else but the tolerant hamlet of Berkeley would you find tolerance like this?

Keep an eye on him; we’ll see how he fared in a little bit.

For a little background on By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), check out Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Yvette Felarca regarding the Milo rioting in Berkeley.

“Police aren’t interfering yet,” not to be confused with, “Police not doing their job.” Again.

We appreciate the video and photos, but … these aren’t “counter-protesters.”