The Washington Post painted a target on itself earlier this week when it rolled out its new motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” and the people of Twitter immediately got to work Photoshopping their own alternative mottos in its place.

“Donations Hide in Darkness” certainly wouldn’t have ranked among the funniest, but it would have been appropriate Monday, when guest columnist Edward Price wrote at length about his decision to leave the CIA because he could not in good faith serve under the Trump administration.

After several paragraphs in which Price described those incidents during the campaign and after the inauguration that compelled him to leave the CIA, he clarified that his decision “had nothing to do with politics.”

Maybe it didn’t, but the Washington Post eventually felt compelled to add a clarification of its own:

So, Price gave $5,000 to the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party last August? Maybe he’s not quite so apolitical as he presented himself in his column.

OK, then. Well … bye.

The Washington Post’s clarification inspired a few more mottos for the paper: