Police in Charleston, S.C., have charged a man with disorderly conduct after he allegedly snatched and attempted to run off with a protester’s Confederate flag Wednesday. The suspect is Muhiyidin Moye, local leader of Black Lives Matter.

OK, the story doesn’t sound compelling, but the incident was caught on video in the background of a live TV news feed, and whatever the man’s alleged crime lacked in substance, it made up for in style, almost.

The demonstrators with Confederate flags were protesting an appearance at the College of Charleston to hear Bree Newsome speak on “Tearing Hatred from the Sky.” Newsome enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame in June of 2015, when she climbed the flagpole outside the South Carolina State House and pulled down the Confederate flag in what she called an “act of public art.”

The flag came down officially that July, with CNN’s infamous countdown clock ticking away the seconds.

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