Is there any political issue out there that employs more children to serve as its public face than illegal immigration? José Antonio Vargas has done a lot of the heavy lifting on the cable news shows, sure, but there are so many kids out there doing the talking for their parents who came to the United States illegally. Even the “amnesty activist of the year” is only 6, and the organization that made her famous by photobombing the pope admits they succeeded with a similar stunt previously.

Kids have also proved they can play good cop and bad cop when called upon. Admittedly, there were a lot of adorable kids on the front lines this weekend along the Mexican border, waving colorful swatches of cloth and flowers along the edge of the Rio Grande.

Hey now … behave. This is a nice story.

Organizers said a friendly, human wall meant to join the two cities was better than a wall of steel or concrete to divide them. We have to admit, this was one of the kinder, gentler anti-Trump protests out there — way better than the riots outside Trump rallies in Albuquerque and San Jose where they burned Old Glory while waving Mexican flags.

So who organized it? The Associated Press says it was put together by “organizers,” while Yahoo brought some clarity, adding that it was organized “by local authorities and Mexican advocacy groups.”

The photos are lovely, and we have to admit, these kids are way cuter than the “Deport Racism” kids. Like we said above, children can be pressed into the bad cop role, too, although flipping him off didn’t stop Trump from being elected. Remember this sweetheart?

And this guy?

And these darling niños?

So, are these clowns from the video already here? Can we arrange a trade with Mexico for the nice ones?