Last fall, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal conducted a joint poll to see where all of the presidential and vice presidential candidates ranked in terms of favorability. Perhaps to add some perspective or just for fun, the pollsters added in some other people, places, and things.

Coming out on top with the highest favorability rating was the entire nation of Canada, while Russian President Vladimir Putin was made to sleep in the basement with a whopping negative rating of 66. At least he had some company on the top bunk, with “the news media” just above him with a 59 negative rating.

That was before the election, and before “fake news” was being floated as a reason for Hillary Clinton’s loss. With Barack Obama gone and almost a full month of Trump under our belts, has the news media been able to make up some of that ground? Yes and no.

CNN President Jeff Zucker said Thursday that aggressive coverage of Trump has boosted employee morale, and that Trump’s attacks are worn “as a badge of honor” at the network.

Zucker also revealed the results of the network’s biggest-ever brand survey to see if the “fake news” label had managed to tarnish CNN’s reputation with viewers, and he was please to reveal that it hadn’t, with the CNN brand remaining as strong as ever.

It’s possible … what do the people of Twitter have to say about CNN and the fake news label?

Boring? That is CNN’s brand, and it is as strong as ever, what with straight-up hard news coverage of the president’s press conference.