The ongoing protests that broke out Saturday at JFK International, Dulles, and airports around the country certainly gave the impression that the majority of Americans vigorously oppose Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. Heck, even Canada weighed in in disgust, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau subtweeting Trump and inviting any and all refugees to head north, where they’d be welcomed with open arms.

Now the question everyone’s asking is, what about “former” jihadists who defected from ISIS? Why do they think of the travel ban? Not surprisingly, several former members of the terrorist group who agreed to speak with the media agreed that Trump’s executive order would likely lead to a spike in ISIS recruitment.

Here’s an alternative headline for those who don’t care for CNN’s original:

Wow, these former ISIS members sure are feeling talkative.

Five out of five current and former ISIS members interviewed by Western media agree: Trump’s rhetoric is good for recruitment.

National Review’s David French, who has been receiving a lot of well-deserved attention for his facts-over-hysteria analysis of the travel ban, laid out a challenge for BuzzFeed.

Dangerous? But just last year John Kerry said ISIS was “on the run.”