Funny, isn’t it, how ever since the inauguration, you really don’t read anything in the news about Russian hacking, which absolutely dominated the political conversation in December and early January.

Like so many other election-related crises that were presented as threats to the very core of America, that one was dropped like a hot rock, and after a bit of a scramble to find the next controversy, journalists were given a gift by new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer — the claim that the audience for Donald Trump’s inauguration was the biggest ever.

What really matters is the size of the crowd at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration, but both the administration and the media are doubling-down on the crowd size controversy, which has been on a low boil since Saturday. Check out the New York Times, rested and refreshed, delivering the beat down with its unflinching fact-checks:

Amazing work there: Trump had claimed the sky cleared Saturday, but actually, it began to rain almost exactly as Trump began to speak.

On Tuesday, the side-by-side aerial photos of Obama’s and Trump’s inauguration crowds that have been circulating online made the transition from social media posts to Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s confirmation hearing — no, really.


What was Kaine doing there at a confirmation hearing anyway? Shouldn’t he have been helping unpack at the vice president’s office? Oh …

Why? Isn’t it obvious? Merkley posted a clip of his exchange from C-SPAN along with the answer.