A new poll shows the number of Californians who support peaceful secession from the United States has risen sharply since the question was asked in 2014. The election of Donald Trump is suspected to be the main reason as the poll was taken between the election and inauguration, but that still doesn’t explain why anyone keeps asking this dumb question every few years.

One in every three California residents supports withdrawal from the United States. It’s unclear from polling  if that number is higher or lower than the percentage of residents in the other 49 states who fully support the idea.

It looks like there’s some Russian meddling at work, even here. Reuters reports that Yes California, “the quixotic campaign to remove California from the United States,” is run by Louis Marinelli, “a former conservative turned progressive who now lives in Russia.”

Not so fast, now. Even though the pollsters have managed to get the number up to a third, that leaves a sizable majority with no desire to go anywhere.

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