It doesn’t look like that professor’s step-by-step plan for a redo of the 2016 election is going to happen, leaving tens of millions of Americans likely wishing they’d voted for Hillary Clinton instead so they could see, say, Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry each do a couple of songs on TV on Inauguration Day.

Alas, even musical acts that did agree to perform have since dropped out, some citing death threats as the reason. The media doesn’t seem too bothered about that, but they’re having fun with the news that even Springsteen tribute act the B-Street Band has pulled out of the Garden State Presidential Inaugural Gala out of respect for Springsteen.

New York Magazine’s Jesse Singal took a shot at the lack of musical superstars at the event but just might have stumbled upon a great idea.

On second thought, that might send the wrong message to the nation on Trump’s first day in office.