As Twitchy reported, the one or two people watching C-SPAN 1 Thursday afternoon were caught off guard when the feed suddenly began showing programming from RT — that’s Russia Today, people.

C-SPAN said it would investigate, and soon suspected that the swap was due to a routing error.

In a statement, C-SPAN noted that its staff regularly monitors RT … most likely waiting for the secret go-ahead signal from Vladimir Putin.

Shaun King, senior justice writer for the New York Daily News, tweeted that Rep. Maxine Waters, whose floor speech as interrupted by the programming swap, was targeted, being one on the most fearless enemies of Putin’s BFF, Donald Trump.

Sounds legit.

The GOP isn’t going to own up to this stunt now that it has the cover of the president-elect, certainly.

At least the public knows where to turn when Russian hacking is suspected.