Will Donald Trump scale back on tweeting once he’s inaugurated? That’s been a big question on a lot of people’s minds for months. For example, Melania Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview that aired last October that yes, her husband knows the consequences of his tweeting, but that “he’s an adult” and it’s his decision.

Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t quite see things the same way, telling PBS NewsHour that the president-elect needs to grow up now that he’s taking office.

Time to be an adult?

That is pretty funny coming from Uncle Joe of all people. Speaking of Twitter, the White House considers Barack Obama to be the first social media president, which has led to executive branch breakthroughs like the sharing of the president and vice president’s vacation playlists, interviews with green-lipped YouTube stars, and BuzzFeed-produced videos showing the two exchanging friendship bracelets.

Biden knows he’s no longer in high school, though, which he made clear when he wished he still were so he could take candidate Donald Trump “behind the gym” and show him how a man is supposed to treat women. Speaking of …