There was no shortage of finger-pointing this week a year ago, after dozens of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in the Cologne, Germany, allegedly by men of “Arab or North African” descent.

The New York Times, not surprisingly, asked if Germany was at fault for doing an ineffective job of integrating the men into German society. ARD, a consortium of public TV and radio stations, attempted to address that problem by publishing an illustrated guide showing Germany’s new immigrant population how to treat German women with respect.

And Mayor Henriette Reker only managed to get herself in hot water by suggesting that German women adopt a “code of conduct” that included keeping an arm’s length away from strange men.

Fortunately, there was no repeat of last year’s debacle in Cologne, although this time it’s the police feeling the heat for, well, not letting it happen again.

Charges of racial profiling don’t respect national borders, obviously. For what it’s worth, here’s what the police presence looked like on New Year’s Eve:

According to CNN, Cologne’s police chief, Jurgen Mathies, told the press that yes, the police were profiling based on what happened in the city last year. “We have decided to take these measures as we had insights,” he explained. “We have observed the situation. Together with the federal state police we have seen a highly aggressive group of men out of nowhere and this is why we have decided to implement our security concept as previously decided.”

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