When we say the biggest laugh comes early in the Left’s latest attempt to ruin the holidays, we mean really early — as in the first two seconds, when the words “Robert B. Reich and MoveOn.org” pop up on screen. Wasn’t the whole point of MoveOn.org back in the ’90s to pressure Congress to censure President Bill Clinton and then … move on?

The election of Donald Trump is only the most recent exhibit in the case that progressives simply can’t move on from anything, ever, nor can they seem to leave the holidays alone.

Remember that great Thanksgiving dinner when you printed out placements decorated with gun control talking points? That was so much fun. Looking for something a little more all-encompassing? Last year’s “Holiday Placemat for Social Justice” is still good for steering small talk toward arguments over Islamophobia, Black Lives Matter, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

This year’s offering is something special: a video starring Robert B. Reich in a challenging dual role in which he gives tips on how to deal with your own right-wing Uncle Bob this holiday season.

The premise, of course, assumes that Uncle Bob is even invited over for the holidays.

It would have been easy to have presented Uncle Bob as some sort of two-dimensional straw man, but Reich really managed to infuse the character with nuance and humanity.

It’s going to be a close call getting the sequel edited in time for Christmas.

How about setting up a safe space instead of a kids’ table this year, complete with printed copies of the alternative reality issue of Newsweek where Hillary won the election and tickets to the inauguration alternative concert event, Loserpalooza?

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