Here’s to the Center for American Progress for sharing some money-saving tips this holiday season. We had no idea members of the NRA Business Alliance received significant discounts from FedEx, but CAP’s Igor Volsky tipped us off this week, just in time to ship those gifts.

The NRA lists a number of member discounts and special offers on its official website, but there are added benefits as well, such as the spark of joy that looking at these protesters brings. Guns Down reports that [at least three] Americans are disgusted that “FedEx is the NRA’s secret Santa.”

The deals on shipping offered through the NRA Business Alliance were difficult to find on the FexEx website, but here’s a link and an overview of the program from Volsky. Just search Twitter for the #BloodyFedEXmas hashtag for details.

In short, when you ship FexEx, you support the NRA … so when you email your wish list to friends and family, consider adding this handy graphic to let them know how you’d like your loot delivered.

* * *