There might have been a time when the idea of a group of women wearing vagina costumes in public was shocking, or at the very least novel, but now Reuters doesn’t even think twice about publishing a glamour shot of a walking vulva. What was that most recent protest again? #GOPHandsOffMe? Whatever.

It’s a bit of a snoozer at this point, but at least progressives can pretend they’re excited about the latest vagina-themed protest against the GOP. This time, the Daily Dot reports, it’s an LGBT high school couple who have put together what they call the Send Trump Pussy campaign.

For just $3.99, you can express your unwavering desire for “an inclusive un-misogynistic America” but having a lollipop that looks like female genitalia sent to Trump Tower — anonymously of course, like a true pussy.

Isn’t that a GREAT reason to send vagina-shaped lollipops to the president-elect? Teen Vogue thinks it’s a pretty GREAT reason, although its reporter does question if those candies ever make it to the president-elect’s desk. Maybe Trump’s people can donate them to a homeless shelter, or the Clinton Foundation.

Best of all, half of the money raised goes to Planned Parenthood, which reportedly has received so many protest donations lately, Cecile Richards soon will be practically begging the government to stop funneling her organization those hundreds of millions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money.