It turns out all of those whiny post-election messages scrawled on Post-its and stuck on the walls of the New York subway — the place where heartless commuters did absolutely nothing as a young Muslim woman wasn’t attacked by drunken Trump supporters — were actually part of an art installation begun back in February by someone whose name we can’t be bothered to look up.

Fear not: NBC 4 reports that the New York Historical Society will partner with the MTA to preserve those “messages of hope,” possibly so that first lady Michelle Obama and other Americans who have lost all hope will have a means of soldiering on somehow.

It turns out that history will be written by the losers after all.

Ironically, it appears the only creature in the New York subway that has a thick skin is good old pizza rat. Heck, let’s have a look at that little guy one more time while we’re seeking therapy down here in the tunnels.