The #HarlemDeer hashtag has been floating around for a couple of days, and it turns out there’s a minor tragedy behind it; maybe not quite on the scale of the State Department’s feeble #UnitedForUkraine effort, but sad nonetheless.

CNN explains that no one in New York quite knew what to do with a white tailed deer that had grown tired of hanging out in Harlem’s Jackie Robinson Park and so took to the streets. Was it the state’s problem? The city’s?

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation eventually agreed to relocate the deer upstate, perhaps to the peaceful woods outside Chappaqua.

Before the state could act, however, the deer died “under the stress of captivity.”


Yes, take comfort in knowing #HarlemDeer is in a much better place, hanging out with Harambe and Charlotte the groundhog, who was murdered by on camera by Mayor Bill de Blasio, perhaps as a warning to other animals to stay the hell out of his city.