As Twitchy reported, celebrities have gone from laughable to outright deplorable, having appended introductions to their ridiculous video directed toward the members of the Electoral College in order to address individual electors by name.

That smacks of outright intimidation, and fortunately, someone has smacked these clowns right back with a fantastic edit of their little movie.

We’re not familiar with STUDIO KRANK, but they’ve taken Unite for America’s original video and, simply by recutting it, have made an inspiring message of national unity that hasn’t been seen out of Hollywood since World War II: “They’re not asking you to vote for Trump. They ask you to unite under our 45th President, together we make a better country.”

Honestly … if this were their message, we’d buy tickets to every one of their movies forever … once we finally worked out who everyone is. Bonus: You don’t have to be a Donald Trump fan to enjoy it (but it helps).