After enjoying eight long years of racial harmony and true diversity in all its forms, it’s a bit of a splash of cold water to see the Trump cabinet take shape.

CNN helpfully reported that white males dominate Trump’s top cabinet posts slightly more than they do in Obama’s cabinet, while later MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow exposed to her viewers the lack of color in Trump’s line of presidential succession, which consists of 12 white dudes.

OK, we get it: Donald Trump’s proposed cabinet is primarily —but by no means exclusively — white men. We’re pretty sure this doesn’t constitute a constitutional crisis, but wait: things get even more complicated.

Not only are Trump’s cabinet picks white … they also “make a staggering, ungodly, literally unprecedented amount of money,” which is apparently a problem.

Look at this white guy, just sitting there being rich and all.

In its report, liberal site Jezebel quotes a report from liberal newspaper the Guardian which quotes an executive at liberal group People for the American Way. “It is a throwback to the ‘greed is good’ mentality,” said Marge Baker, executive vice-president of People For the American Way, whose American way apparently frowns on financial success.

Obviously a few news outlets have caught on to the fact that Trump’s cabinet picks and advisors comprise successful people, as does President Obama’s for that matter. Superstar reporter Julia Ioffe was clued in to the racket days ago:

Is that sarcasm or not?