Suburban folk hero, hiking aficionado, and former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to rack up the accolades. Clinton made Donald Trump’s compulsive tweeting a central thrust of her campaign, and now she’s getting the last laugh, knowing that one of her campaign’s tweets was the most retweeted of the election season.

We’re guessing there’s not a ceremony at which Clinton will accept an award, but if there were, she’d likely be obliged to bring several staff members on stage with her; those Wikileaks email dumps gave a good idea of just how many iterations every tweet went through before being approved for delivery.

But enough suspense; here’s the most-retweeted Twitter post of the 2016 election. It’s telling that it was posted after Clinton conceded the election — supporters must have really needed those comfort retweets.

Amazing how when the election came down to the wire, Clinton’s team decided to go all-out campaigning on issues like body image. But at least she won the hearts of Americans, if not the White House, right?

One has to admit that Hillary Clinton’s digital campaign team improved its online presence quite a bit, after kicking things off with an Instagram photo of her rack of pantsuits and posting that shock Snapchat video of her “just chilling in Cedar Rapids.” And then there was this classic:

Fact-check, please.

* * *