Justine Bateman’s Twitter bio indicates she has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UCLA, so she’d know not to question a computer scientist, right?

What’s real? Proof that hackers tampered with the election results to ensure Donald Trump’s victory, that’s what. Check out this piece in New York magazine in which a group of prominent computer scientists urge the Clinton campaign to challenge the vote count in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

OK, whoa. That’s crazy. But what exactly happened to all of the news stories published in the weeks before the election debunking Donald Trump’s claim that the election was rigged? It was impossible, right? And yet, after Trump surprised everyone by winning the election, those claims of infallibility don’t seem so certain anymore.

Paul Krugman certainly had his interest piqued.

Um, what? It might not be true, but because there’s doubt, “we” need to address it? Has Harry Reid’s friend been seen around the New York Times offices?

So, whatever is put “out there” needs to be investigated to satisfy the suspicious? Here’s a news flash: the suspicious will always be suspicious, and those who don’t believe Trump won fair and square will never believe it — and even if they did, they’ve pledged not to accept it.

Before the “I’m With Her” die-hards short out their keyboards forwarding that article to everyone they know, they might consider looking at these tweets from Nate Cohn and Nate Silver.

There’s a very good chance of that, although Krugman seems to have settled down a bit.

What is this “needs” word that Krugman keeps talking about? What the whole #AuditTheVote camp “needs” is to get a grip and accept that their candidate lost. It happens.

Why won’t he stop!

First, stop saying “we.” Just stop it. And second, realize that this is nothing new whatsoever: float fake news, watch as the public freaks out over fake news, and finally, correct the record if necessary long after everyone has stopped caring. The only thing that has changed is the trajectory of the misdirection, due to the surprise result of the election.

Ah, at last, the real issues.

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