To get this out of the way right up front: yes, Twitchy is a conservative site, founded by a conservative and written for a mostly conservative audience. But now that the New York Times, Facebook, and Twitter are all trying to recalibrate following a presidential election that caught them all off guard, things are getting even messier than they were before.

We’ve been tempted to write about Kevin Allred, Rutgers’ “Beyoncé Professor” before, but things just got serious after his post-election tweets landed him in serious trouble.

Yes, he’s a white man who teaches an American Studies course at Rutgers called, “Politicizing Beyoncé.” Yes, he looks like this:

Here’s another shocker: he’s a fan of Beyoncé, but not so much a fan of Donald Trump, or Donald Trump fans. That was made apparent in a tweet that didn’t sit well with the folks at Twitter in particular:


That’s some true douchebaggery on display, but did it necessitate everything that followed? We’ll let Allred’s follow-up tweets speak for themselves for a bit. (Some have been omitted for space concerns.)

And here we’d been told he was struggling just to put together a transition team.

We’ll interject only to say that question shouldn’t be a rhetorical one; there are plenty of conservatives available to answer it, though probably not so many in a class on black feminism and progressive social change. Pro tip, though: Don’t buy whatever you might have seen in Katie Couric’s anti-gun “documentary.”

The next day …

Wow … that really isn’t a fair accusation to level at conservatives at all. The right-wing push for school choice is so that parents have a chance to free their children from indoctrination and pursue the education they deserve.

Again, Twitter is among many social media outlets in need of recalibration. Twitchy has compiled a number of explicit death threats over the years that have managed to escape consequences, while long-time and respected users like Instapundit, himself an educator, are finding themselves suspended and investigated.

Now, now … the mainstream media’s speciality in its coverage of Trump was taking quotes out of context, like that time he lashed out at a baby during a rally or called veterans with PTSD “weak.”

Let’s make a deal; there’s no way in hell we’re going to sign up for a university-level course on progressive social change, with Beyoncé providing the soundtrack. But since we’ve heard Allred’s side of the story, we’d ask he to complete as a reading assignment this excellent analysis from Ken White.

White writes:

I think that the tweets should be protected, embedded as they are in a figurative expression of rage. But Allred’s an asshole. If I were one of his co-workers, or students, I would be a little worried about being around him, because I wouldn’t be sure that these are hyperbole. If I were his employer, I’d spend the whole day dealing with the fallout and trying to weigh risk and liability and the fears of other employees.

Allred might not agree with the whole asshole part, but we’d guess he’s on board with this:

“Reasonable person” analysis tends to discredit threats from people like … Allred and credit threats from people who are offensively dark, poor, incarcerated, or unbalanced in a way that does not lead to tenure. That’s the way the system works. Sorry, no refunds.

Honestly: we might not all have studied at Rutgers, but we conservatives are generally reasonable people once you get to know us — that is, if you bother to get to know us.

Pump those brakes first, though.