Most people probably wish they had a landlord who jumped into action as quickly as the company that manages an apartment complex on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that, until Wednesday, bore the Trump Place name.

ABC reports that more than 600 residents signed an online petition saying that Donald Trump’s values are “antithetical to the values we and our families believe in,” and having his name on the building was making it difficult to feel proud and happy to live there. Is it a stretch to assume that Trump Place sign was intact when most of those same tenants elected to move in?

Since the letters were removed in order, residents can take pride in knowing that, if only for a short time, Rump Place was the address they called home.

Petitions are nice, but taking down the signage was probably a cost-effective move for property owner Equity Residential, which noted that the “more neutral building identity” will appeal to a wider range of tenants, now that the Trump brand has been rendered toxic.

ABC News reports that rents in the building range from about $2,630 a month for a studio to $12,500 for a penthouse unit.

So … what are they going to do with the sign now that it’s been taken down?