As President-elect Donald Trump might say, “Stop it.”

The Ohio State University Lantern was covering an anti-Trump protest inside the student union Monday when it captured video of a man running down a stairway and tackling a speaker from behind.

It was undoubtedly a premeditated sucker move by someone who apparently didn’t mind the presence of hundreds of eyewitnesses. The video has racked up more than 5,000 likes, though, so there’s an appetite out there for footage of keffiyeh-wearing socialist protesters getting knocked down by thugs in Freddy Krueger sweaters.

WCMH reports that the suspect in the total bro move has been identified by OSU police as Shane Michael Stanton, a 24-year-old student. The speaker, who graduated from Ohio State in 2014, is Tim Adams, a socialist who said he didn’t vote for either of the two major candidates because both “represented the interests of corporations and the one percent.”

August Painter was quick to point out that Stanton is “not at all a part of the Students for Trump Organization.”

Here’s a shot of the crowd before the incident to give an idea of just how conspicuous the attacker was.