Vox has already contributed plenty of hot takes to fuel the post-election meltdown. The site already declared the planet itself as one of the losers of the election, so the editors didn’t leave themselves a lot of room for follow-ups.

One generic catch-all that’s always good for a progressive think-piece is “the most vulnerable among us,” and on Wednesday Vox asked Americans joking about moving to Canada to consider the plight of those who can’t just pack up and relocate to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Funny; Vox’s piece on “joking” about moving to Canada pretty closely followed the site’s explainer on doing exactly that, and why it’s not as easy as many seem to think:

Ironically, the piece to which Klein links Wednesday isn’t about leaving the country but instead, “How to coexist, after defeat, with citizens whose views you despise.”

Just a suggestion: If Vox really wanted to publish tips on coexisting with people whose views you despise, the editors could have tapped at least a hundred million potential contributors with years of experience using proven methods for doing just that — there’s nothing academic about it.

The thing is, we’ll have to wait and see who exactly was “joking” about moving to Canada; those would include quite a few celebrities who made their intentions clear were Trump to win the election. So, will they really move, or were they just “joking?” Those pledges never do seem to come true.

What? CANADA of all places not only has borders, but enforces them? Does Justin Trudeau know about this?

Fair play: the actual piece, by Melissa Schwartzberg and Jennifer Gandhi, leads to a clearly partisan but responsible conclusion:

The chance to effectively compete in the future, however, will not come from continued disparagement of Trump’s supporters as ignorant racists, or disavowals of our country’s decision as not our own. Clinton supporters have the power to ensure that the election of Donald Trump does not portend end times — as long as they do not succumb to bitterness and alienation.

See, Trump’s election doesn’t necessarily have to signal end times … that’s a positive attitude.