Fusion’s piece on the unbearable whiteness of those who support third-party candidates was published last Monday, but it’s today’s choice of accompanying image that really won Election Day. Just check out dude-bro in the white-boy dreads:

So, you might — might — ask, just what is it about voting for a third-party candidate that is so white? That’s not so black-and-white, even after reading the piece.

One theory is that young white voters are attracted to Jill Stein and Gary Johnson because of “a simple lack of perceived danger, the myopic worldview taken by people taught to believe their voices—and their tantrums—matter.”

Writer Molly Osberg concludes that young, white people facing two unacceptable choices have decided to enter the political fray anyway, “as long as it’s completely on their terms and their moral smugness remains intact.”

No moral smugness on display there!

Still, the question remains: doing the whitest thing you can do is a bad thing, right? Trump’s definitely out, the third parties are bastions of whiteness; that leaves …

Fact-check: True.

Now that someone brought it up, selling off its 50 percent share of Fusion was probably the whitest thing Disney could have done.

Hang on one second: some people are suggesting other activities are the whitest thing one could do. PolitiFact, get on this, now!

Someone should tell Obama before he does it again.