There was quite a bit going on Friday with the election so close, but quite a few bureaucrats were celebrating the entry into force of the Paris Agreement, and they hoped that their Twitter followers were celebrating too. Who doesn’t love when a new international law goes into effect, four years earlier than anticipated, no less?

Four years early? That’s pretty cool. Things can move quickly if the United States Senate has no say, as there was no treaty to be ratified.

Something about that “enters into force” bit is kind of ruining the party atmosphere for us. The idea is to do whatever it takes to limit global warming “to well below 2°C – and pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C.” starting right after this global light show.

Did someone remember to light the White House green? We know they can do rainbows, but there don’t seem to be any pics from Friday’s celebration.

Don’t forget that the Paris Agreement is only one small component in realizing the United Nation’s list of 17 sustainable development goals to “transform our world.” Sounds expensive.

Transforming the world? OK, but we’re having trouble remembering: Who are these people again? Did we lose to the UN in a war or something?

* * *