Things got ugly well before David Duke took the debate stage Wednesday night in Louisiana. Hillary Clinton’s struggle to attract younger voters has been well documented, but just look at how anxious people were to get into the debate hall at Dillard University in New Orleans.

A journalist was pepper sprayed outside a debate? It could have been worse; he could have been inside, where things went about as smoothly, with Duke and the moderator shouting each other down until there was nearly blood coming out of their wherever.

Duke touched on the presidential election by sharing his vision of Hillary Clinton’s future, but maybe the trial ought to come first, for tradition’s sake.

It doesn’t look like anyone was actually in the audience, particularly for Duke’s surprise post-credit sequence after the closing statements.

Wow … Duke wasn’t the only one who had trouble leaving.

Any press estimates on the size of that, um, protest?

Duke is pretty happy with his runaway victory, though behind the percentages there’s no indication of how many people actually responded to KPLC’s super-scientific online poll.