Just when President Obama makes it seem that he’s not paying full attention to what’s going on in the lives of everyday Americans, he manages to find a way to reconnect, usually on the campaign trail.

It’s unclear if the president heard about Taco Bell’s free taco promotion when everyone else did — on the news — or if he was briefed by his aides, but in either case, he managed to elicit cheers from a Cleveland crowd Tuesday in advance of Game 6 of the World Series by piggybacking on the fast food chain’s promotion. Hey, he didn’t build that!

See? He feels your hunger pangs. Rising insurance premiums might be keeping people from visiting the doctor as often as they might, but at least the president has given the go-ahead to hit the Taco Bell drive-thru on the way to early voting. Note, however, that Taco Bell is limiting customers to one free taco per person; Democrat voters might need some time to grasp that concept.

Please … no more political “combo meals.”

Heck, tell Cousin Pookie to get off the couch and grab that free taco on the way to the polls. But while making that run for the border, don’t be fooled into running for that okey-doke … okey doke?

People do like free stuff.

* * *


It looks as though while President Obama wants Americans to go grab that free taco, Taco Bell in turn wants Americans to sit through the president’s campaign rally.

No thanks.