Well, this wasn’t altogether unexpected. After news broke Friday that the FBI had uncovered new information pertinent to its investigation into Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t long before reporters, as predicted, began filing stories about Republicans “pouncing” on the news.

That’s all well and good — everyone knew those mean Republicans would attack. As always, Clinton put up a brave front, challenging the FBI to go public with whatever it had, possibly including classified documents related to an ongoing federal investigation.

But did anyone think to really check on the Democratic candidate? How was she holding up behind the scenes? Pretty well, it seems. BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer provided readers with an insider’s look at Hillary’s super-weird day under siege.

So relax, everyone: there’s no need whatsoever to lose sleep on Clinton’s behalf. Even while besieged by the continuing fallout of a scandal of her own making, she was “almost bizarrely unfazed by crisis.”

OMG, right? Totally.

Asked by another reporter if she thought the revival of the FBI’s investigation would hurt her campaign, Clinton responded in a way that pretty well sums up her entire political career up to this point: “The candidate is almost out the door as she lets out one big, long laugh.” The piece ends there, so it’s unclear if Clinton was on her way to the bank.