The day after a contentious debate over hot-button issues including guns, abortion, and nuclear weapons, nothing’s more welcome than an inspirational story, and ABC News came through Thursday with a tale of change we can’t believe.

According to ABC News, Fisher-Price has said it will “make a running change to both the package and audio chip” of a toy SUV in response to the advocacy of a woman who posted a photo to Facebook along with a complaint about the “clearly mom-looking figure” who, according to text on the packaging, had just declared it was “Time for yoga and a smoothie.”

Yeah, how about we just keep giving toddlers guns while we’re at it? We’re truly a nation of monsters.

It won’t be the first time a toy company has been compelled to swap out the sound chip in a product, either. Back in 1992, Mattel famously made changes to a talking Barbie doll that spoke 270 phrases, including, “math class is tough,” following complaints from the American Association of University Women. Apparently toy companies haven’t learned their lesson — that, or “yoga and a smoothie” just didn’t strike anyone as offensive.

Speaking of striking:

Those talking Barbie dolls can be found on Ebay with asking prices up to $250, so definitely grab this collector’s item while you can, knowing you’re keeping it out of the hands of an impressionable child as a bonus.