Now that the third and final presidential debate is in the history books and most polls show Hillary Clinton with a solid lead over Donald Trump, things can get back to normal, and federal prosecutors can once again pretend to take crimes involving classified documents seriously.

Harold Thomas Martin, III, a former NSA contractor and lieutenant in the United States Navy, was arrested in late August in dramatic fashion, with the Associated Press reporting that a neighbor witnessed agents tossing a stun grenade in his house and leaving 11 hours later with Martin in handcuffs.

Martin has been charged with stealing government property and unauthorized removal of classified materials, and according to a new filing, might face additional charges under violations of the Espionage Act.

The FBI hasn’t determined Martin’s motivation but so far does not believe he was working as an agent of a foreign country. He’s been determined a flight risk and a target of America’s adversaries now that his case has been made public; in response, his attorneys filed a list of people charged with similar crimes who were not detained prior to trial.

No, she’s not on the list.

Well, he’s not Hillary. Isn’t that enough?