One bright spot no matter who wins the election is that the press might return to covering actual, present-day news and spend less time writing dystopian fiction. The public now has been tipped off to the violent unrest that will follow a Hillary Clinton victory, which in the long run might be preferable to the inevitable death of press freedom were Donald Trump to become president.

OK, Hillary Clinton can duck journalists for 278 days if it suits her, but freedom of the press is doomed if Trump is elected. Understood. But isn’t anyone concerned that social media platforms like YouTube are at this moment flagging G-rated conservative videos as objectionable?

The American Enterprise Institute’s Christina H. Sommers noted Thursday that many of her Factual Feminist videos, as well as 21 entries in Dennis Prager’s PragerU series, have been flagged by YouTube as possibly inappropriate.

Where are all the people who lost their minds when Tipper Gore wanted records to come with Parental Advisory labels?

Is this the work of YouTube Heroes, who have the option to serve their country by enlisting in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger Program?

What? They were just doing their part to fight online bullying! Nice diverse group there, by the way.

Online abuse is serious business. Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian even appeared before the Broadband Commission Working Group on Gender at the United Nations last fall to address the problem of gendered cyber violence.

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t explain why Sommers and Prager are being targeted … what could possibly be so objectionable?

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