The number of Republican lawmakers and governors who either have withdrawn their endorsements of Donald Trump or called for the GOP nominee to step aside is currently somewhere around 20, and that number can only grow — there’s no chance anyone’s going to re-endorse Trump no matter what happens.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was certainly never the most conservative of Republican governors, but winning the state of California was a true feat of strength, and his embrace of patriotism as an immigrant who achieved the American dream was truly inspirational (for a while, anyway).

So while Schwarzenegger didn’t mention Donald Trump by name in the statement he issued Saturday, it was a pretty devastating blow to the current state of the GOP, and it quickly garnered more than 25,000 likes.

The movie puns were a given; at least they were reasonably clever.

Is there any man out there in politics not #DickingBimbos?


Is he with her? Unlike John McCain, Schwarzenegger left that door wide open in his statement.

At least Schwarzenegger didn’t bring up reality television in his statement; the office of the president isn’t the only job in question starting next year.