Thanks, 2016, for giving grown-ups the choice between watching fights on the playground or making a run for it and hoping the creepy clowns don’t get you.

Things had sunk pretty far already when Sean Hannity picked up on Megyn Kelly’s on-air criticism of his nightly tuck-ins for Donald Trump at his network safe space and moved the awkwardness to Twitter. It wasn’t a good look for either one, but leave it to Harry Reid to drag down the tone even further.

Finally, someone’s addressing the issues. That’s quite a lot packed into one tweet that’s supposedly about Trump’s pronunciation, and there likely are 318 million or so Americans in a better position to criticize Trump on how he paid for his pricey real estate.

Check the medicine cabinet, next to the antiseptic spray and bandages.

A mob of exercise equipment, yes. An elected official is obligated to stay slim and trim or risk leaving himself open to fat-shaming blackmail attempts.

Scrimping and saving every step of the way, to boot.

He’s going to leave office dead broke, or at least that’s how he’ll recount it.

Trump should probably leave this one alone and apparently has so far; check back around 3 a.m. for the update.

Why start now?