As Twitchy reported, a brief Q&A session between Donald Trump and veterans on Monday blew up on social media when the press determined that the GOP nominee’s response to a question “appeared to suggest” that vets with PTSD were weak.

For a candidate who now says she “misspoke” when she pledged to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” Hillary Clinton didn’t hesitate to latch on to the controversy, managing eventually to whittle down Trump’s quote to one word — strong. That required some extensive editing, considering the word appeared in context as, “… you’re strong and you can handle it.”

Seriously: the only word quoted here from the original response is “strong.”

Clinton continued to ride the wave Tuesday afternoon at a — wait for it — press availability following a campaign stop. She and the press are friends now.

His comments showed “insensitivity,” said the person who threw up her hands and asked of the deaths in Benghazi, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Even Monday night, people who are no fans of Trump were calling this one a stretch.

Thankfully, CNN’s Jake Tapper came though with some much needed perspective Tuesday afternoon, making note of a report that the VA scandal of long and sometimes deadly wait times hasn’t gone away.

One outrage at a time, please. Last week was body image and fat-shaming; this week it’s calling vets with PTSD weak.

Funny how little noise has been made about that by the media today.