As Twitchy reported Monday night, Howard Dean suggested in a tweet that Donald Trump’s sniffles during his first face-off with Hillary Clinton could be attributed to some illicit “debate prep” backstage involving a line of coke or two.

In the tradition of the weasel-like Harry Reid, Dean didn’t accuse Trump of doing coke; rather, he wondered aloud if that was the case. After his tweet lit up social media, though, Dean doubled down on MSNBC and suggested that Trump needed to answer the “charge.”

Simple enough; just claim the sniffles were due to seasonal allergies and move on.

The backlash started soon after Dean issued his tweet, and it didn’t come exclusively from conservatives: it seems Democrats have bought in to Michelle Obama’s myth that when conservatives go low, liberals go high — no pun intended.

Former Obama staffer Tommy “Dude!” Vietor was among those who were strongly encouraging Dean not to go the tough guy route on a baseless charge.

He has a point; never mind that all the media could talk about after the Obama/Romney debates were bayonets, Big Bird, and binders full of women.

That’s ridiculous. When has Howard Dean ever exhibited the signs of someone having a bad acid trip? Well, except for that time. And that other time.

Has Clinton come out yet to disavow Dean?

Dean’s sticking to his story, and he might as well, if he’s ever going to be known for anything other than the Dean Scream™.