As Twitchy reported, Carolina Panthers fans leaving Bank of America Stadium Sunday found themselves face-to-face with demonstrators protesting the officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott the week before.

Some making their way home (or back to the hotel) after the game encountered protesters outside the Omni chanting “Justin Carr,” the man who was shot in the head during a protest march and who died the following day.

Why chant his name and not Scott’s? Because some people who claim to be eyewitnesses insist that Carr was shot during the protest by police, a rumor that spread quickly and likely helped spark the full-blown riot that the march quickly became.

On Monday a man admitted to being the gunman in the Justin Carr shooting, and — surprise — he’s not a white cop.

WCNC reports that police arrested Rayquan Borum Friday, and he admitted Monday to the fatal shooting. He was charged with the shooting, as well as possession of a firearm by a felon.

Shaun King, the New York Daily News’ senior justice writer, was among those who pushed the story that Carr was shot by police, retweeting “well-known and respected dude” Todd Zimmer, who “witnessed the Charlotte police shoot the protester” only to have the city lie about it.

The news that Borum admitted to being the shooter likely won’t change the minds of those who are convinced everything is a police cover-up, but the news might convince a few to back off, especially when considered alongside the details listed on a restraining order filed against Keith Lamont Scott by his wife.