Secretary of State John Kerry, who recently failed to accomplish anything at the U.N. but look weak in the face of Russian aggression in Syria, famously led the ridicule of presidential candidate Mitt Romney for naming Russia as America’s No. 1 geopolitical foe.

Fast-forward through to the end of Barack Obama’s second term, and Hillary Clinton was spending a good portion of #DebateNight pointing to Russia as a major cybersecurity threat. Whoever served as secretary of state before Kerry must have screwed things up royally.

So, did Platte River Networks build that stupid reset button of hers?

Everyone knows Russia is behind the recent attacks on U.S. government computer systems, and Hillary has a plan to fix that — maybe the Russians could fax it to her so she doesn’t have to ask Huma to print it from her Yahoo account.

Sounds like Hillary’s been watching too many spy movies from the ’80s!

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