In February, President Obama hosted a meeting of civil rights leaders of the past and future and praised DeRay McKesson for his “outstanding work mobilizing in Baltimore” around the issues of “justice and equality and economic opportunity.”

So it’s reassuring to know that McKesson, who for a while was physically present at every volatile race-based flare-up in the country, tweeted his solidarity with the protesters marching through Charlotte Wednesday night protesting the shooting of an armed black man by a black police officer working under the supervision of a black police chief.

That seal of approval, coming from someone who has worked with the White House on criminal justice reform, certainly loaned legitimacy to the protest, at which one person was shot, several buildings were vandalized and looted, police were injured, reporters were assaulted, and a state of emergency declared.

Rather than go to the trouble of Photoshopping DeRay into each of these photos, just imagine him standing there doing his black power salute.

It’s cool everyone; DeRay stands with #CharlotteProtest.