There aren’t many ways to anger Hillary Clinton supporters more quickly than to ask about the candidate’s health; just ask Andrea Mitchell, who managed to get within hearing range of the candidate in mid-August (before boarding Air Hillary) to ask, “Can you tell us how your health is?”

Other than laughing, Clinton ignored the question, but her supporters pounced on Mitchell for attacking Clinton, despite her characterization of the brief encounter as, “Hillary Clinton laughs off Donald Trump conspiracy theories that she has health problems.”

Clinton does a lot of laughing whenever her health is mentioned. Campaigning in Orlando on Wednesday, Clinton met with reporter Sarina Fazan for an exclusive interview and laughed when Fazan mentioned that some thought, because of their ages, the candidates should consider undergoing neurocognitive testing.

Clinton dismissed that suggestion pretty quickly with a laugh, and then apologized for getting pneumonia. ABC Action News has the video.

Like we said, one does not simply ask Hillary Clinton about her health.

For her part, Fazan said that of course she’d ask Donald Trump the same question.

Twitter cut off her answer, but her full statement read, “For those that asked if I would ask #donaldtrump ….about neurological testing. Of course I would! Doctors have suggested that for both candidates.”

Didn’t anybody think it was a fair question? Ronald Regan was just shy of 70 when he was elected president (Clinton is 68, and Donald Trump is 70), and it was just this spring that Will Ferrell decided to drop out of a “comedy” about Reagan’s Alzheimer’s.