President Obama on Tuesday addressed the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees, which the White House called the culmination of “a sustained effort to rally nations to step up their efforts in response to the largest mass displacement crisis since the Second World War.”

As a lame duck president, Obama is free to act as the moral conscience of the developed world, pushing for nations to contribute more aid and take in more refugees. By comparison, Hillary Clinton is downright cold-hearted: after several bomb blasts and a mass stabbing over the weekend, Clinton told the press that she’s “absolutely in favor” of “tough vetting” of immigrants. Heartless.

If Clinton hates these poor refugees so much, she’s just as good as the terrorists, or something.

The president, who famously said that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, was back at it Tuesday, noting that those Syrians seeking refuge could well have been our own sons and daughters.

So the refugees he first called “widows and orphans” are now our sons and daughters? He sure does like to infantilize these people; aren’t there any adult men among the refugees?

Speaking of sons and daughters, plenty of citizens made it clear that they do have their own, and their safety comes first.

Secure the United States, as in building a border fence or something? Sorry, no.

That line probably sounded great after an epic bong rip in the Rose Garden, but the playback isn’t quite blowing minds like it was intended to.

Any chance of doing something to stem the flow of refugees at the source?

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