Diplomats including Secretary of State John Kerry were encouraged by a “fragile” and “tenuous” cease-fire in Syria last week, which was overshadowed when coalition forces mistakenly conducted an air strike on Syrian military forces fighting ISIS, killing more than 60 troops and convincing Syria that the United States was siding with the terrorists.

Kerry and other world leaders are gathered in New York today, and Kerry expressed hope that the movement of UN aid trucks into Aleppo was a sign that things were improving. “We’ll see where we are in the course of the day,” he told reporters Monday. About that …

Things have not gone well over the course of the day, with news that the first UN aid convoy to roll into Aleppo was destroyed in an air strike, attributed to Russian or Syrian aircraft.

It doesn’t look like the cease-fire is salvageable, not that it was going well.

* * *