As Twitchy reported, today was not a good day for peace and love or Secretary of State John Kerry, as a convoy of UN trucks delivering aid to the Syrian city of Aleppo was bombed, killing an unconfirmed number of aid workers.

That’s really going to put a damper on Wednesday’s International Day of Peace.

The UN has proved time and time again that there’s nothing it can’t talk endlessly about doing, and the UN General Assembly is getting ready to sit down and get to work on its list of 17 sustainable development goals.

This year’s theme (yes, there’s a theme) is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace,” and all the usual suspects are present: climate change, income inequality, gender disparity, etc.

If you’re not up to speed on this year’s development goals, fear not: there’s an app for that, featuring beloved British character Mr. Bean, the “child in a grown man’s body” played by Rowan Atkinson.

It’s true, the link is broken — another bang-up job by the people who claim to have a plan “to save our planet.” Until the UN approves $150 million to fix the tweet, the working link is

We’ll get to the goals in a minute for those who care, but first raise your hand if you’re surprised to learn the president of the General Assembly’s 71st session is hot to get the UN’s agenda into every school in the entire world.

Without further ado, here are the General Assembly’s 17 sustainable development goals — no wonder they’ve adopted a child in a man’s body to promote them.

Thanks, Obama.

Maybe if schools were still teaching reading and writing instead of social justice and climate change?

Putting the coal industry out of business will help, certainly.

But banks are the bad guys, right? The stories Uncle Bernie used to tell …

How about no!

“Building” better partnerships with ambitious players? Now there’s something President Hillary and the Clinton Global Initiative will have the experience and infrastructure to handle.

* * *