Standing in front of stacks of bottled water at Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich., Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon began to point fingers regarding the city’s water crisis — and was quickly interrupted by his host, who approached his lectern on the small stage and reminded the presidential candidate he hadn’t been invited to give a political speech.

Note that the media generally interpreted Trump’s speech about the people of Flint having been failed by government as “attacking Hillary Clinton.”

Why was the camera so shaky? That we don’t know, but it’s clear this wasn’t a typical campaign rally, and Trump was uncharacteristically soft-spoken.

Earlier, Trump had toured Flint’s water treatment facility and visited briefly with people in the neighborhood.

Flint’s mayor, who’s done such a bang-up job overseeing the city’s water supply, made it clear before Trump’s visit that she considered it nothing but a photo-op.

No, Trump wasn’t welcome in Flint, and some of the residents made that perfectly clear, though this guy seems to think Obama and Biden are on the ticket this November.